Our Horses

There are over 40 breeds of horses & ponies and we are lucky enough to have 2 of them!

Hi I’m Flash & I'm Grainger!  Nice to meet ya! – We're the 15 hand, 15 year old chestnut Quarter Horses.  We love to help & we're so patient!

The Quarter Horse was originally bred to walk slowly around one’s hundred-acre farm.  So being quiet & slow is in its blood.  Some breed historians have maintained that it is the oldest breed of horses in the United States and that the true beginning of the Quarter Horse was in the Carolinas and Virginia.  The cowman found the Quarter Horse quick to start, easy to handle, and of a temperament suitable for handling cattle under a wide variety of conditions.

From a therapy standpoint, the Quarter Horse is most excellent.  Having a low-key attitude and pace make it very suitable breed for therapeutic riding.

Hi I’m Tony!  Awfully good to meet you! – I’m the 15 hand, 20 year old Morgan gelding.  I am very quiet and patient & LOVE KIDS!

Companionable and comfortable on a quiet pleasure ride anywhere open skies beckon, working as a sensible partner in a long day of ranch work or endurance riding, waiting alert and ready to enter for therapeutic riding or performing in formal riding disciplines, the Morgan is a versatile horse within a versatile breed. The Morgan horse agreeably adapts to his owner's life style. This first American breed can be found worldwide.

Reliable, loyal, tireless, and versatile, a Morgan becomes one with people of all ages and walks of life, sharing the mutual enjoyment in every equine pastime.

From a therapy standpoint, the Morgan Horse is most ideal.  Having a very calm attitude and pace make it very suitable breed for therapeutic riding.