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About Dreams Go On

The Mission of Dreams Go On is to provide therapeutic horseback riding sessions to adults and children who are physically challenged, receive mental health, behavioral health or family therapy services. Certified instructors and dedicated volunteers teach responsibility, trust, rules, patience, compassion, self-confidence, teamwork, and safety.

Dreams Go On now serves over 50 physically and mentally challenged horseback riders in Blair County, PA. The lessons occur on 4 separate days each week during the spring, summer and fall. We can do so because of donations and our wonderful volunteers.

To a child or adult with a physical, developmental or emotional challenge, life can look a lot brighter on horseback. The power and warmth of the horse strengthens and tones muscles, improves balance, head control and coordination, builds self-esteem, and offers a sense of freedom and equality.

Horseback riding also helps those with mental difficulties.  The unique relationship that forms between horse and rider can lead to an increase in confidence, patience and self-esteem.  A student who has always been too “slow” to participate in normal school athletics, as in the case of a student with mental difficulties, can now demonstrate their abilities through horseback riding. In many cases, the horse becomes an “equalizer” for the student.


Exercising the spirit is as important as exercising the body, and riding provides an enormous boost for people with physical and/or mental challenges.  Riding enables students to improve their self-esteem and motivation as they experience a sense of independence and freedom in the fresh air.

Amazing benefits occur for those with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Mental Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Bifida, Brain Injuries, and the Visually Impaired.

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