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Goodwill Ambassadors

2022 - Elliott Sheetz


Introducing our 2022 Goodwill Ambassador for Dreams Go On, Inc., please meet Elliott Sheetz.  Elliott is an 11 year old young man who loves to learn, and test you with his accomplishments. He has been riding with our program for six years and he continues to challenge himself by riding different horses.  Elliott’s favorite game is ‘leap frog’ on horseback. His goal is to ride on a more independent basis.

2021 - Emma Brooks


Say "Hello" to Dream's Go On, Inc.'s 2021 Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Brooks. Emma is a 16-year-old young lady with Autism. Dreams Go On has been a part of Emma's life for over five years and is a huge factor in her gaining so much strength through her journey. Emma has advanced to riding independently and is progressing to riding a variety of the horses at Dreams Go On. 

2019 - Anna Gority

It is our privilege to introduce you to our 2019 Goodwill Ambassador Child, Anna Gority. 

Anna is an 11 year old girl with Partial Trisomy 13, Autism, and numerous related and concurrent health issues including sensorineural hearing loss in both ears which has resulted in complete hearing deficiency. 

Despite all this, Anna is happy little girl who loves to ride horses, swing, jump, and truly finds happiness and peace enjoying the sunshine. 

Dreams Go On has been part of Anna’s life since she was 5 years old and is a huge factor in her gaining so much strength and independence thru her journey. Despite her hearing deficiency, Anna is able to have her horse stay and “walk on” using her sign language skills. 

Anna lives in Altoona with her parents Michael and Dana Gority, sister McKayla, brother Mikey, and dog Karma. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.36.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.54.46 AM.png
Anna Blue Ribbon.jpg

2018 - Carson Frank


Carson has been riding with Dreams Go On for many and at age 14, has come a very long way. His supportive family encourages his success and presently he is working on independent riding.

2017 - Mya Polito


Mya Polito is a 16 year old who truly enjoys her horseback riding sessions. This is evident when you hear her whistle or sing throughout the ride! She strives to improve weekly and loves working one on one with the horses.

2016 - Thomasz Dorabiala & Aaron Rose


Thomasz 27, enjoys the muscle stretching he receives while therapeutic horseback rising. Aaron, 30, would enjoy trotting for his entire ride if he wouldn't exhaust our volunteers & horses! Both riders are a team that have been riding with Dreams Go On for 15 plus years and live in the Altoona area.

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