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"I have had to deal with something most parents eventually have to deal with much earlier than most. That thing is the fact that our dreams for our kids usually don’t work out like we expect. It was difficult and I felt sorry for myself, which I now know was incredibly selfish. However, the pursuit of these dreams can be rich in life lessons.  I many times wondered if I should keep going with my pursuits in baseball if it would not help my own child or if it would be uncomfortable if he did not play. I now know twists and turns of these pursuits are unpredictable.  It is ok if things don’t go according to plan for your children. There can be victories and benefits along the way and they can be great building blocks for other things down the line. Every game, team, tournament and season can have something to take along with you for the future. You won’t know what it is or when it will come, but working towards something can always have a benefit in the future even if it doesn’t seem like a success at the time.’ ‘Everything happens for a reason.’"

Brent Ronan RPh, founder of Nine Baseball and son of rider Ethan Ronan



"As a therapist and a mother I have experienced the impact of therapeutic riding upon individuals. It is a thrill to see an individual with disabilities ‘sitting tall in the saddle’. The benefits of therapeutic riding include physical benefits such as improving balance, increasing coordination and strengthening muscles especially assisting with trunk and head control. The psychological benefits are equally important. Sitting upon a horse, guiding the horse and experiencing freedom of movement in addition to knowing the affection of an animal friend are all experiences that are priceless."

Laura A. Podrebarac, an occupational therapist – O.T.R./ Ret.

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